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About Developing Communities Projects,Inc. (DCP)

Developing Communities Project (DCP), the largest church-based community-organizing agency on Chicago's far south side began in 1984 as a branch of the Calumet Community Religious Conference (CCRC).

DCP functions as an organized entity through which social justice missions of the church and its members is integrated with the technical skills and methods required to promote change via the public arena. Our operational methodology is focused upon leadership development, research and analysis of issues, and the creation of public forums or events for direct action on issues that are deemed important through a collective decision making process.

The unique principles on which DCP was founded are:

  • Institutionally Based
  • Systematically Recruits & Trains Community Leaders
  • Multi-Issue Organizing
  • Collectively Led

DCP Committees
Area-Wide Task Force (AWTF)
Red Line Oversight Committee (ROC)
Challengers - Local Leaders for Change

DCP Programs

Reading for Life Adult Literacy (RFL)
Reading for Life is an adult education program offering Adult Basic Education courses. Full-time staff and volunteers manage the program. The courses help prepare participants for continued education, job training and an enhanced quality of life. Group sessions and one-on-one tutoring are offered. All courses, tutoring and materials are free of charge.

ATOD Prevention
ATOD (Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs) is the focus of the prevention message that DCP brings to 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students in Greater Roseland schools. DCP's ATOD Prevention Specialist, trained in Botvin's and Allstars Programs, also instructs students in anger management, self-image, making healthy decisions, violence and media influence, coping with anxiety, communication and social skills, and conflict resolution. As part of its comprehensive school program, DCP organizes a Parent Conference and an ATOD Showcase each year.

Young Women's Leadership Development (YWLD)
This program provides a comprehensive support system for girls and young women. Emulating a similar project in San Francisco, YWLD offers guidance
in education, mental/physical health, leadership, self-esteem, and spiritual development. Emphasis is placed on creating a non-judgmental nurturing atmosphere in which young women may share experiences and learn from each other. The program is structured to provide a foundation for building life-long skills in the areas of parenting, community/political involvement, career development and economic empowerment.

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