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OPN - Education

Chicago State University - Office of Public Affairs
Shannon Lawrence Van Slyke, Associate Director, Community Affairs
Chicago State University has evolved into an outstanding, nationally acclaimed university that provides a value-added education for all who enter its hallowed halls. Consistently evolving to reflect state-of-the-art trends in higher education. Chicago State University moves, with confidence, into the twenty-first century.

Kennedy-King College/City Colleges of Chicago
Beverly J. Smith, BNA Program Coordinator
The philosophy of Kennedy-King College, derived from the philosophy of the City Colleges of Chicago as defined by the Illinois Master Plan for Higher Education and the Illinois Public Community College Act, is to accept all eligible students and to provide them with an education appropriate to their needs, that will allow them to achieve the kind of economic, cultural, and social life they desire.

Olive Harvey Community College
Dean Edward Pryor

Olive-Harvey College was formed in the fall of 1970 as a result of the merger of two City Colleges of Chicago: the Southeast College, founded in 1957, and Fenger, founded in 1958. These two Colleges had been operating separately, with different faculties, administrations, student populations, educational philosophies, and purpose.

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